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Giro D'Italia 2016 at Passo Giau

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I never thought I'd be going to see the "Giro D'Italia" but Luca, a good friend of mine, came up with the idea and so there we went. We set off late Friday night for Passo Giau and as soon as we got there I realized this was a lot more than simply a trip to watch a group of super-champions battling for the road ahead. Stunning views and incredible festive atmosphere were there to welcome us.

We had a ton of fun and met some really generous guys from "Lamon" that offered food and .. well yeah a LOT of drinks.. Soon after it was time to show our love with some good'ol painting on the streets and in the morning we were just ready, sort of...

Giro D'italia 2016 at Passo Giau

So I thought of sharing some of the "highlights" of the day in a small photo-gallery. you can also visit our facebook page and show some love here: https://www.facebook.com/2picture


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