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Laura Ballis and Giovanni Sogne

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Graffiti is often associated with street artist walking around in hoodies and holding spray-cans. Nothing wrong with that of course as Bansky reminded us all, but it has certainly been a refreshing pleasure to meet Laura at her studio in the Centre of "Feltre" (BL) last year. So I would like to quote from the preface of her book written by "Stefano Santuari" :   

-- Oscar Wilde taught us that society often forgives the criminal, but never forgives the dreamer. Now, will male society ever forgive the Woman dreamer? 


The video I would like to share with you today was intended to be part of a three episodes documentary we shot last year on the "Belluno Dolomites" for the program "GEO" aired recently on Italian national television RAI 3.  (for previous articles click here: http://www.2picture.me/en/blog-news/le-dolomiti-feltrine ) Unfortunately due to constraints from production we could not manage to include it and I thought it was only fair, and well overdue, to dedicate at least a few minutes to this incredible artist, Laura Ballis, and her friend and colleague of many years, Giovanni Sogne.

They both spent many years perfecting the art of bringing walls to life. Laura has graduated at the "Liceo Artistico" in Venice. She lived in New York for approximately 4 years where she has attended various painting and sculpting courses. For some years she has been a teacher at the "Follador" Institute in Agordo (BL-Italy). She met the Artist "Gina Roma" with whom she had an important dialogue: an exchange of thoughts between women with elective affinities. After an initial phase, in which she has collaborated and assisted Vico CalabrĂ² on some of his "Frescoes", she has moved on to produce some of hers both inside and out of public and private buildings. She mainly works between the provinces of Belluno, Trento and Treviso (Italy). One of her pieces is part of a collection of the Museum in Feltre "Carlo Rizzarda". for more info take a look at her official website : http://www.lauraballis.com 

Giovanni today is a "gnomonist" (which does not mean he makes gnomes ... ) He studied at politecnic and has a corporate career past that suddenly changed. He drops it all to make Meridians. Born in Monza and now living in Feltre, spends most of his artistic life getting people to know "time". The term gnomonist derives from "gnosco" or "knowledge".

In the video I humbly present here they collaborated with a group of 13 people to produce in just 2 days a beautiful Fresco on a wall of a public structure in the centre of Agordo (BL). For info and to know how to get to see it and also many other of their pieces feel free to visit their websites or drop me a message and I will be glad to point you in the right direction.  

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