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Lilliput 969A/O/P field Monitor

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Just unpacked a brand new Lilliput Field Monitor 9,7"; it does exactly what it says on the box and lives up to the description of the official website. The specification are more than satisfactory given the relatively small price tag.

Panel Size:                                                 9.7" 

Physical Resolution:                                  1024X768

Aspect Ratio:                                             4:3

Brightness:                                                420cd/m2

Contrast:                                                   900:1 

 b2ap3_thumbnail_lilliput-97-2picture-0.jpg     b2ap3_thumbnail_lilliput-97-2picture-1.jpg

The idea was to be able to clearly see a shot while on the field regardless of the definition and image quality. Many times you are out there, working out what the best shot would look like and the small 4,5" screen (in the bst of cases) is just not letting you spot that annoying detail that you have to discover in postproduction at the expense of either trashing the pic or spending a good chunk of time "photoshopping" it. The monitor with nearly 10" comes with a metallic stand (on the manual they call it "gimble") that can be fixed to pretty much anything that you can drive screws into, an HDMI cable, and a cool sun shade.  There are different functions you can program into it for quick access (f buttons) and it can be easily attached to different kind of arms (manfrotto etc..)

b2ap3_thumbnail_lilliput-97-2picture-3.jpg     b2ap3_thumbnail_lilliput-97-2picture-2.jpg


Next week we'll test it on the Jib and I'll try to post some impressions from the... Field

Feel free to drop a line if you have some questions or want to share impressions on info@2picture.me



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