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PA.MA.LI Project and the PAMALI Festival 2016

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Early in May this year I had the pleasure of meeting Claudio and Barbara D'Altoè. Two incredible people with a very strong energy and huge positivity. They are also two of the organisers and creators of what I could easily say Is one of the most interesting and diverse yearly appointments of the entire Belluno province. The PAMALI Festival.

We spent nearly two weeks in the company of the Staff and the people that makes of the PAMALI Project a concrete reality based on a model that, nowadays, has been well tested and tried by world renowned and hugely popular Festivals such as the Nevada "Burning Man", or  Tankwa Karoo Park "Afrika Burn" and many others.

This gem of entertainment this year took place (for the second time actually) at Passo San Boldo (northern Italy). A great artistic mix of excellent level with Music Bands of National and International character, Painters, sculptors, Dancers and generally pure Creative FUN!  

Even if our presence was not finalized at taking photos of the event, I could not resist in making at least a few and so, below you will find a selection of shots that will tell you a little about the "before", "during" and "After" the Festival as 2Picture has seen it.


PA.MA.LI FESTIVAL 2016 (7th Edition)

In any case our job was to film and so we did catch a fair number of interesting moments like the "making" of the Dragon (still visible at Passo San Boldo) by "Franz" (Barrio Libre), or the Fire show from Paolo (Lucignolo e il Fuoco), or the many incredibly talented bands such as the Chico Trujillo, Rumba de Bodas, Black Beat Movement and many many others that will be featured in an upcoming short documentary.

So without further ado we leave you now with the images.
You can find out more about the PAMALI Project and Festival by visiting their official page at http://www.pamali.it
So once again  .... THANK YOU PAMALI, Peace Love and Freedom to you all. ;-)

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