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Skotonata Galaktica 1994-2014

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It's been some time now and since it's the last day of the year I thought I would finally share and hopefully "treat" you with this short movie produced a couple of years ago with the participation of a local firm,  "KARPOS"


It's the story behind the "opening" of this controversial route that is located on a popular peak on the Italian Dolomites, Cima "Scotoni" on the Fanis Group. After 20 years Ivano Zanetti tells us the story, with the help of a Good Friend, writer, Photographer  and CAAI Academic, Manrico Dell'Agnola that follows him on the repetition of this "rock-jewel" (Ivano Zanetti - Bruno Tassi - Gianbattista Calloni 1994). The route is repeated very often now by all sort of climbers. It proudly stands near some very classic Routes like the "Lacedelli" and it has been graded 7c+. 

A few behind the scenes and some nice images of an incredibly beautiful corner of this UNESCO paradise. The route is also repeated also by a team of young athletes, Sara Avoscan (premio Agordino per lo Sport 2015) Omar Genuin (accademinco CAAI) and Massimo Faletti (Alpine Guide) that will tell us what they think from the point of view of "modern climbers".   We also had the pleasure of talking to various people during the shootings among which some well known climbers and Alpine Guides such as Marcello Cominetti

Last but not least a way to remember a great personality of those "years of great changes " in the climbing arena worldwide, BRUNO TASSI "Camos". 

Soon I will add English subtitles and a small gallery with a few pictures so keep an eye on this space !!! So with this we wish everyone a Good End of 2016 and a great beginning of a new year and if you like the video PLEASE leave us some comments ideas or simply say "Hi" and show your Love by following our blog and Facebook page here:   https://www.facebook.com/2picture/     


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