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SOLDATO SEMPLICE, out on the Big Screen on the 2nd of APRIL

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And finally the day is nearly here. Soldato Semplice, Directed, produced and starring "Paolo Cevoli" and Distributed by "KOCH Media" has officially been announced at a number of press conferences across Italy. After Rome it was the turn of Milan where we assisted at the Press Release with Journalists from a variety of major newspapers.


The 2nd of April it will be out on the Big Screen on a fair number of cinemas, so hopefully one will be near enough for you to see it (check out the official website at www.soldatosemplice.it for details). At the press release very positive comments were made and it looks like, hard work and a little "risk" is going to pay off for both Paolo Cevoli and Roberto Gemelli (co-producer).  With a cabaret background Paolo has thrown himself in the "deep end" and some might say risking it all on a task that is not for the lighthearted. Directing, acting and producing at the same time can certainly be unnerving, even for the most seasoned cinematographer and especially with a Picture telling a story taking place during the First World War.

UN Patacca al Fronte

For us the screening at the press conference was the first time we had the chance to see it all and although we were not sure what to expect we can say "WE LIKE IT" ! We already posted an article on the story with a few backstage pictures and you can click here to read it. As well as having the honour of shooting Backstage for the picture We are also very proud to have been part of the 2nd Unit Directed by Marco Preti (CORAL CLIMB) with photography by Lucas Preti and Sound by Luca Venchiarutti. Some really amazing shots from the Tuckett peak just above Passo dello Stelvio as well as from the top of the "faraglione di terra" just in front of CAPRI Island where "Aniello Pasquale", played by Antonio Orefice, starts his jurney to the Frontline.

Although this is a relatively small production for modern day Filming Budgets we believe it to be a convincing "tragicomedy". Some really funny moments are being offered by new faces on the screen like "Nicola Adobati" and "Giuseppe Salmetti" and the mixture of Drama and comicality is served on a Silver Plate by more seasoned and experienced characters interpreted by Luca Lionello il "Tenente Mazzoleni" and Massimo De Lorenzo "il Capitano VadalĂ ".

We liked very much all of the performances including the one from young Matteo Cremon playing "Toni Bortolamoni" and Giuseppe Spata playing "il Bocia". We leave you with a few more shots from the backstage of the movie and of the press conf. and we Invite you to go and see it. Once more SURSUM CORDA y'all!!!

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