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As soon as the artistic installation presented at the Villa Farsetti “Oltre la via della seta” exhibition was inaugurated, a few hours earlier, we started rushing to get us to document the Live on stage performance of the artists “Pino Nuvola” and “Des moines”. ..

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The History of GunPowder - IMPROVE - Castelfranco Veneto

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Surely there is a reason for which the Canadian Blues/Rock Band "The History of Gunpowder" decided to travel more than 4000 Miles to come and play here in Castelfranco Veneto on the 1st of June. This is mostly due to the synergistic collaboration with the association called "IMPROVE".
Personally I don't think it was just to promote their musical message or the musical performance, profoundly equipped with mystical/anthropological "flavours"..

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