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Sunday the 5th of May at 17:00 we inaugurated the Exhibit "ANGUANEIDE - MEMORIA DEL FUTURO" at the "Chiostro di San Francesco". This Exhibit gets together three artists, Luciano Longo (Sculptor), Patrick Comiotto (Photographer) and Lucio Carraro (Writer) as well as Beppe Agostini with his Gastronomic Creations for the launch.

Starting from the tale of the Anguane, a mythological water creature typical of the alpine regions, the Exhibit intends to recall once again everyone's attention to what happened during the end of Last October around the Dolomites and in particular in the Belluno Province: a call to the "short memory" of mankind and it's ease in forgetting quickly the disasters that are provoked to the "Mother Earth", through his continuous and devastating destructive action against it. Alll of this causing pollution and climate changes at an alarmingly increasing rate.

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