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The Borough of Mel - Valbelluna - a Dolomites World Heritage

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Here we would like to present you yet another short view on one of the many boroughs in the province of Belluno in Northern Italy. Close to the Piave River.  

MEL a village of Historical, Natural and artistic Heritage 

It's a small "comune" of the province of Belluno. Very close to the Piave River and overlooking the Dolomites. This is where I live and it will be part of an upcoming documentary that we shot  (the first part on Agordo has already aired a few weeks ago) on the Dolomites of Belluno. Actually the Dolomites, contrary to what many people believe, are mostly located in this Province (about 75% of them) and not in Trento and Bolzano as many times we have mistakenly heard on TV and newspapers. Mel is right in the middle of this incredibly beautiful valley that still conserve a wilderness that is nowadays rarely seen in and around the famous peaks of Northern Italy.    

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