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Le Dolomiti BELLUNESI a new Documentary on GEO

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It's been just over 2 years since the idea crossed my mind. My roots are "lost" 43 years ago in a small village located at about 600mt above sea level called "Carve" in the province of Belluno. Carve is in turn part of a slightly larger borough called MEL.  This is where I have been living after travelling for a while around the Globe (for one reason or another...) and this is the place I wanted to share with the rest of the world... well at least the rest of Italy :-D  

3 Episodes, a "mountain" crew and a lot of Passion 

This time around (if you remember our article on last year documentary on Croatia that you can still see HERE: http://www.2picture.me/hrvatska and HERE: http://www.2picture.me/blog-news/croatia-geo ) it was me asking Marco Preti (Coral Climb Productions) if It could be interesting, for RAI 3 (Geo) to "Air" something on one of the most incredibly beautiful places on earth... The mighty DOLOMITES!!  This was the time for Great Peaks, great People and a little piece of an incredibly rich Heritage. 

So the whole thing started and thanks to Marco, which has been an author for Geo for many years and immediately the Idea was embraced. With his skills as a Director, Author and Writer we started shooting and the result was three beautiful episodes (25 min. each) on what amounts to 75% of this UNESCO Paradise spanning most of the Belluno (BL) Province. I am kind of proud I must say, as this was first of all a way to remind everyone that Belluno Exists and has as much right as other locations to be regarded as a place of incredible natural beauty and that can offer just as much (especially from a geographical standpoint...).

There are so many people to thank that I will dedicate another article in our BLOG very soon so keep an eye on this space. For the Time being for sure we owe our gratitude to the CNSAS and the Agordo station headed by Our good Friend Diego Favero as well as the "Corpo Forestale dello Stato" and in particular, Captain Roberto Fantacci and his crew.  It's been more than great flying around with these amazing people!! 

Yesterday evening the first of the three episodes was aired on RAI 3 for the well known program Geo. This was shot around Agordo and surroundings. Everything revolved around the people living in the area that carry an impressive historical and artistic Heritage. The "Careghete" ("Chair Makers") with Giuliano Laveder that was an incredible helping hand and the Mountain Rescue from the Agordo Station (CNSAS) were among the stars of the show. If you are interested you can watch the entire episode HERE:   http://www.raiplay.it/video/2016/11/Aspettando-Geo-Geo-33cf64a0-49c6-406e-a1f2-467f4a10a948.html  and if you do not have 2 hours on your watch, well... skip the first Hour and forty minutes (to be precise 1h 49 mins) and enjoy !!  

Here I'll leave you with some backstage shots and interesting moments. If you really like it then remember to follow our Blog or Our FaceBook Page here:  https://www.facebook.com/2picture/ and share some love :-D  




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