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Last week a friend of mine called asking for a few shots ... when I got there I found out it was for a band he plays with. 

The very original "UnParBanda" !!! 

Lisa Zuccolotto (Voice)

Franco De Biasio (Guitar, Harmonic, Voice)

Danilo "Jamba" Bonetta (Drums, Electronic Drums)

Daniele Ferrazza (Base) 

Alex Limana (Guitar, Base, Voice) 

These guys got toghether in the Spring of 2012, they have a passion for playing and they do it mainly to have some fun.

Repertoire varies from "Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alanis Morrisette, Elisa, John Denver, Audioslave, Litfiba" to all the recent songs from "Luminiers, Imany, Francesca MIchelin" 

Friday the 28th of February they will have an unplugged evening With "Alex Limana, Lisa Zuccolotto, Jamba and Franco" at a local venue. For details see their Facebook page by clicking HERE

And this is what happend ... 



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