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2Picture Media goes to Villa Farsetti - "Beyond The Silk Road"

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It is not matter of participating in the third world war, but certainly the commitment and energy that our 2picture.me agency is using to make the best of its appearance at the event that will take place at Villa Farsetti, in Santa Maria di Sala (VE) will not go unnoticed. Nor to the public that will intervene nor to the closest friends and collaborators of 2picture Media who are living together with them the last moments of fibrillation before the imminent opening of Villa Farsetti. It is an exhibition of contemporary art called "Beyond the Silk Road", a suggestive name that takes us back in time to embrace the adventures of the first Europeans (in this case, Venetians) who went beyond the human knowledge of the time in search of new commercial and cultural horizons. The international exhibition of contemporary art "Beyond the Silk Road" will take place from 12 October to 3 November in Villa Farsetti in S. Maria di Sala (Venice) in conjunction with the final period of the Venice Biennale ..


The exhibition will be structured in a set of "contemporary art" showcases that will unfold in the halls of Villa Farsetti, offering a path through shapes, colors and sensibilities from different continents. The main objective is to stimulate the dialogue between artistic cultures, creating a relationship space to promote common recognition and cultural growth. And it is precisely here that our agency also comes into play. Who more than 2picture Media can be able to offer a more complete and engaging vision of the world?


With his photos in reportage style and his witty comments, the international photographer Patrick Comiotto will try to communicate to the audience the feelings and emotions that he personally experienced while traveling the world in search of exceptional images. And these photos, the experience of which certainly contributes to broadening the vision of this planet that all of us still today find it hard to understand fully, will be presented in their unprecedented gigantic grandeur, almost as if to emphasize the extreme smallness and fragility of the human being in the face of naturalistic elements, ecological disasters, indefinite artificial beauties or simple portraits of great characters.

Of course, in addition to the spirit, the body will also be nourished thanks to the presence of the renowned restaurateur Giuseppe Agostini, who will take care of the enology and gastronomical aspect of the inauguration with his avant-garde culinary proposals. In addition to amaze with his recipes, he will be able to make use of the high quality foods of the Mangiarsano by Germinal bio line, a company that has always based its excellence on conservation and respect for the territory through the always accurate and above all fair-trade selection of all its products. Real artists very keen about food that will certainly not disfigure in the presence of hundreds of national and international authors who will exhibit their works in the over 40 rooms that fill up this historic building. Each of them will have an environment at their disposal in one of these innumerable specially equipped rooms.

Among the artists I would like to mention, a special focus is onLuciano Longo, the renowned sculptor who is also the and creator of this ambitious event and who will show some of his most spectacular works here. There will also be artists from the rest of the world including Luba Liubou (Luba) Roshchyna, a hyper-realist painter whose works will be able to catch the eye even of the most profane for their depth and that extreme realism that she infuses in her paintings which render a obvious perception like augmented reality. We cannot fail to emphasize Tantarte's great commitment. An association created to promote the encounter between languages ​​and the different artistic expressions of man, comparing the cultures of the world and the different ways of understanding and perceiving life.


An attempt to enrich the identity of local communities with new contributions, in the certainty that openness to innovation can feed new scenarios for the cultural, social and economic evolution of a territory. And last but not least, with regards to the traditions regarding the Veneto region, we are very happy to finally be able to reveal the name of the company which with its excellent products will certainly contribute to further cheer up the important exhibition of "contemporary art personal" . "Ponte", which is a Venetian company renowned for its quality wines and already sponsor of the Miss Italia competition, will be officially present as the exclusive testimonial of the event for its entire duration.



TANTARTE: https://www.tantarte.org/

LUCIANO LONGO: http://www.lucianolongo.it/

We leave you now with a few shots of Luciano. If you want to know more about TANTARTE and Luciano Longo check the links below. and keep following us on our blog here or on our Facebook Page HERE : http://www.facebook.com/2picture

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