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"BEYOND THE SILK ROAD" - Contemporary Art personals

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I had the extreme pleasure and the great honor of meeting in person the artist Luciano Longo, a visionary of other times, a man a bit angular like that rock that he sometimes finds himself sculpting, as blunt as the wine he likes to drink in moderation perhaps a little exaggerated compared to the customs of these parts, robust as the wood that he prefers to carve rather than other materials with which it is equally at ease and with which it has composed the variety of its works.


A multifaceted sculptor who knows how to observe and reproduce nature with his eyes as a child sublimated by a mastery with the tools of an expert man of the woods. Just as he does through his works, in a performance entitled: "Anguaneides, memories of the future" (see our previous blog about it http://www.2picture.me/en/blog-news/anguaneide-memoria-del-futuro-last-days) , where the artist tells us through a personal journey of revisiting and creative interpretation, the myth of the Anguane, mythological figures of the woods, typical of the culture Ladin, much less known than their Greek colleagues, the Nymphs, but not for this reason less inspired by poems or suggestive legends that are still told among the locals between a drop of wine and a mouthful of pipe, all seasoned with healthy joy and a timid old-fashioned intoxication. And so, "shaping" the wood, "shaping" the iron and "engraving" the cement, Luciano manages to excite us by delineating in a set of lights, shadows and architectural idiosyncrasies the figures of the nymphs, rendered in neo-classical form or simply post -modern, sublimated through the idea, the work, the sweat and finally even a few drops of blood that man willingly shed in the intent then realized through these beautiful sculptures, to submit the matter to his will.


We thank Luciano Longo, a generous and uncompromising artist, who will be delighted to exhibit his works in a space that he himself set up and enriched with the presence of multiple international artists who will exhibit their works in the exhibition spaces set up in the countless rooms constitute the structure. Many of Luciano's sculptures will be exhibited and usable at Villa Farsetti in a new cultural and exploratory journey, being shown to the public in a new photographic perspective during the period from 12 October 2019 to 2 November 2019.

An exhibition of contemporary art organized by Luciano with the TANTARTE Association will take place in the marvelous context of Villa Farsetti. The association promotes the encounter between the languages ​​and the different artistic expressions of man, comparing the cultures of the world and the different ways of understanding and perceiving life.

"Beyond the Silk Road" Personal contemporary art, so the exhibition is entitled. All at S. Maria di Sala (Venice) in conjunction with the final period of the Venice Biennale. The exhibition will be structured in a set of "contemporary art" exhibitions that will unfold in the halls of Villa Farsetti, offering a path through shapes, colors and sensibilities from different continents. The main objective is to stimulate the dialogue between artistic cultures, creating a relationship space to promote common recognition and cultural growth.
The villa represents an evocative historical building inserted in the center of the metropolitan area that gathers the provinces of Venice, Padua and Treviso. The historic residence dates back to the eighteenth century and shows formal elements of the Baroque style combined with a general architectural structure that harks back to the Italian Renaissance.


Here is a short clip that we produced that will show you the location of this new adventure of Luciano and his collaborators. We will be there too of course!!  and we will have an exhibit as well ... but we'll tell you more about it soon ;-)


We leave you now with a few shots of Luciano. If you want to know more about TANTARTE and Luciano Longo check the links below. and keep following us on our blog here or on our Facebook Page HERE :  http://www.facebook.com/2picture 



TANTARTE: https://www.tantarte.org/

LUCIANO LONGO: http://www.lucianolongo.it/

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