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Open Doors with "Beyond The silk Road" Inauguration

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It is impossible to tell you about the vicissitudes through which our agency managed to be (almost) on time with its stand at the opening of Villa Farsetti in Santa Maria di Sala, for the contemporary artists exhibition "Beyond the Silk Road. We had already anticipated the event on two other articles that you can read here:
I will only talk about the inauguration to which I had the great honor and great pleasure of having personally participated on Saturday 12 October 2019. The event, conceived and organized by the sculptor from Treviso, Luciano Longo has seen more than 40 artists exhibit their works in special environments that make up the prestigious building...

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"BEYOND THE SILK ROAD" - Contemporary Art personals

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I had the extreme pleasure and the great honor of meeting in person the artist Luciano Longo, a visionary of other times, a man a bit angular like that rock that he sometimes finds himself sculpting, as blunt as the wine he likes to drink in moderation perhaps a little exaggerated compared to the customs of these parts, robust as the wood that he prefers to carve rather than other materials with which it is equally at ease and with which it has composed the variety of its works.

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