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BIOGROOVE is back, a USA retrospective

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It is all about how strong you believe in something that makes things happen. Biogroove made it back and so did we. More than 4500 miles on the road, 2 cars, A few tornado Warnings, A little bit of Atlantic Ocean, A LOT of music,  Many plan changes, A broken wind shield, some NASA, many many many wild animals, an incredible amount of forests, a little Jack Daniels and slowly but surely a pinch of BIOGROOVE. Mix it all with a broken Plane and more than enough "travel" video/photo equipment to last for a year and you get the perfect recipe for a truly "American Journey". It all started a couple of months ago when, during a "routine" call with Nino, the idea simply came afloat.

pat -- "Nino, since you are going to play at the Carnegie Hall I assume you have someone coming to "document" that right?"
nino -- "Actually not really.. I didn't even think about this.."
pat -- ".. how about you find someone that could pay at least the expenses for us to come and shoot some video and take a bunch of photos, we can be on it !!"
nino -- "you know what .. let me make a few calls and I'll talk to you in a couple of days ... you never know"


Two days later we had a budget for a Flight, a Car, and some expenses. Our trip to the US with BIOGROOVE was on the menu.
GMI, better known as Fondazione Gioventu' Musicale D'Italia, the cornerstone of Nino and Vito's Musical adventures, simply agreed to become our sponsor for some material that would tell the Story of these two musicians and their Creation, the "BioGroove Duo". The Biogroove duo is composed by "Antonino Errera and Vito Amato", two musicians that mixed classical, jazz, contemporary and improvisation experiences into a unique musical sphere. They have always been dedicated to the pursuit of sound trying to exploit and enhance the special tone colours that the world of percussion instruments offers.

"Gioventu' Musicale D'Italia", established in Milan in 1952 is the Italian branch of the "Federation Internationaledes Jeunesses Musicales", an international organisation born in Bruxelles in 1945. More than 40 countries all over the world are part of this with the common goal of bringing music to young people, regardless of culture, race and language. Its activity is wide and ranges from classical music, which is the base, jazz, folk, and ethnic music, to the more recent musical expressions. On the 28th of June 2005 the Association became a Foundation. This transformation establishes not a change but a strengthening of the high cultural and social purposes that are the basis of the institution.


You might be wondering what the hell has this to do with 2Picture Media ? Simple..  Our task was to collect and organize some material on the fantastic duo and to put it in context. In short, GMI would get us there and all we had to do is come back with something to show for.

And so the collaboration between Belluno (and vicinities) and Palermo (and vicinities) was born, Nino Vito, Katia and I, on the 28th of April 2014 were on our way to The United States of America. The final destination was set on the 14th of May; The prestigious Carnegie Hall right in the middle of the Big Apple, New York City. It always amazes me how easy sometimes it is to find purpose. Northern Italy meets Southern Italy in no less than in USA.


We had a lot to deal with, Biogroove was flying in Arkansa directly while we were driving, many plans changed and many thing we planned for just could not happen for a huge number of reasons but many other beautiful things, for as big a number of reasons, did happen so, here we want to show you the first video trailer that together with previous post we have written (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND PHOTOS) and with some more video material coming in the next few weeks will be the prelude to a slightly bigger project that we'll tell you about soon.

I hope you'll enjoy the images and as always show a little appreciation for our work if you do by liking and following our FaceBook Page.

Until next time,
That's all folks !! 

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