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Bus Del Quai with Jeff Mercier, Nasser Samar and Andrea Tocchini

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Little we knew that a cool and sunny day at this fantastic spot right in front of "Iseo" lake would be spent in the company of Jeff Mercier and Nasser Samar

Andrea Tocchini, Katia Zampatti and I were there to take a few photos of Andrea on "Dry Girl" D10+/D11 for an upcoming project and we were lucky enough to see these two guys in action while getting ready to Comlplete a couple of days later the first climb of Low G-Man. A combination of 3 routes starting with "Ermafrodito" (a classic D7+) moving on to "Megaroof" a D12+ freed by Krivo in 2011 and repeated only once by Matteo Rivadossi in 2013 to finish with the second part of "Kamasutra" a very hard D13+. More than 40 meters for which Jeff has put out the D14 Grade making it now the Hardest Route in Italy !! 

It certainly was a pleasure to exchange a few words and spend a couple of hours there and indeed later on while eating (what we've been told it's the best Burger in Val Trompia and probably in Brescia) at the "Parco Bar" resto owned by Riccardo Scalvinoni in Gardone Val Trompia. We hope Jeff and Nasser enjoyed that and even more we hope that we'll be seeing them again maybe in Chamonix where he usually hangs out. 

Here are a few shots (we'll be posting more toghether with a short video soon..) of Jeff, Nasser and Andrea in this incredibly good looking Climbing spot. 

What to say ... Great Climbing, fantastic location and of course we are in Italy, ... Excellent Food !!  

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