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Soldato Semplice, and Action! Directed by Paolo Cevoli

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On a pretty quiet day last spring I got a call from Marco Preti (Director of the second Unit with CORAL CLIMB) asking me if I would be interested in joining a troupe for the shooting of a new movie. After a few moments attempting to realize if it was a joke I gladly accepted as Mountains, Glaciers, and Mediterranean Sea were part of an offer we simply could not refuse...

And so a few months later, after an initial inspection of one of the locations, and after meeting Paolo Cevoli and some of the people directly involved in the "Making", I was in Bormio with the help of Katia, to follow this "Diverto S.R.L" production from beginning to end.

Duties? Well.. film anything that has to do with backstage of course !

The story is that of a Primary school teacher, "Gino Montanari" played by Paolo Cevoli, which also doubles as a director, that leaves his native village in the "Rimini" area, as he's forced to go to the frontline during the first world war. Everything is left behind, school, lovers, family and friends while Gino finds himself fighting for his country on the high peaks of "Alta Valtellina" and precisely around the "Ortles - Cevedale" complex. Right here in the cold of the mountains and of the war trenches he meets Aniello Pasquale, played by the young Antonio Orefice (Gomorra), with whom he establishes a relationship that more than a friendship resembles that of a Father and his son.

Many characters, as for example the "Gervasoni and Carminati" brothers, will also be there too meet the audience , on a "merry go 'round" of witty as well as meditative "moments". The Experience of some of the actors such as Luca Lionello (Giuda Iscariota "The Passion of Christ" with Mel Gibson)and Massimo de Lorenzo is mixed with the professionality and skills of younger ones to create a perfect alchemy. 

In a year that will be filled with "cameos" from all over the places, regarding the First War, "Soldato Semplice" is an interesting and at the same time challenging idea. Cevoli makes a very serious matter, the War, a way to communicate some aspects of life in a "Buster Keaton" sort of way, a parody of tragic events that should keep everyone well entertained. 

It was a real pleasure to be a part of this and with the second unit headed by Marco Preti and his son Lucas (CORAL CLIMB) I believe some amazing footage will delight even the most demanding spectator with suggestinve and at times enchanting images.

Here are some images that we took while filming "Soldato Semplice" which will be on cinemas in Italy starting from Feb/March 2015.

Until then .. "SURSUM CORDA"  !!




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