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Canto delle Sirene - BioGroove

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Sometime things don't go as you expect them. Ultimately I finally managed to get some "old" clips together and I must say I really like this song.

Our trip to Sicily a couple of years ago eventually is baring some fruits.

BioGroove "Canto Delle Sirene"

"Sirens Song" ("Canto delle Sirene" in the mother tongue of it's creator) composed by Nino Errera and performed in this video with Vito Amato, has been a real surprise. I really enjoy the melody and I hope I did it a little justice with some interesting images at the "Marsala" (Sicily) salt flats . I guess it was a little bit of a risk dragging a full scale Marimba with a Vibraphone on the public Pier ... but it was worth it !! ... at least for me it was.

AS Bob Marley said ... "Good friends we have, oh, good friends we've lost.. along the way" and I am sure glad, Nino and Vito are still just that ... Good Friends. And I hope I'll be doing more interesting stuff with this really inventive, a little surreal, but certainly full of surprises, Gem of a band - BioGroove.

We will be posting another video in the next couple of weeks so if you like this one, keep an eye on our Blog. For more videos CLICK here and for more info, you can also visit our FaceBook Page Here: https://www.facebook.com/2picture  If you like the music share it and leave a comment, we always appreciate them :-)

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