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Shooting ERF (s?)

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Last week I was called by a friend of mine (Sergio Grillo). He was asking me to go shoot for a day or two in Porto Marghera. Little I knew of the amazing, industrial settings. This is Venice from a really different perspective indeed. Huge boats, even bigger cranes, and amazingly long trains (up to more than half a kilometer ! ). It was for the shooting of a couple of scenes that will appear in a short documentary called "From Rails to Sea" produced by ERF and executed by latestuggine.it La Testuggine is an animation studio set up by Arturo Leone, Lorenzo Latrofa and Marta Palazzo. They met during their studies in “Architecture” and attending the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (Animation Department). The Documentary is directed by Lorenzo Latrofa with director of Photography, Sergio Grillo

ERF - Spa - Esercizio Raccordi Ferroviari

The railway reality of Porto Marghera was born on June 12, 1917 when, by Royal Decree, the constitution of the Industrial Port Company was established, with Count Giuseppe Volpi. The Company had the task of realizing what would shortly become the largest Industrial Zone of the Kingdom of Italy. At the end of the Second World War there was a need for an intensive reconstruction work as the plant was in great part irreparably damaged. The great productive effort of those years put into operation all the lines in a short time and at the same time led to the realization of further connections and new railway parks, the current Parco Nuovo and Parco Breda. The Porto Industriale company, which later became the Raccordi Ferroviari Spa, was closed in 1973 and in its place created the still existing Ferroviari Fusion Exercise at Porto Marghera SpA. The majority shareholder at that time was the Montedison Spa Company, which had in Marghera The largest chemical pole in Europe. In 2016, the Company, which operates in h24, has moved around 90,000 wagons in and out of the Port of Venice. Currently, the company is a Joint Public Private Company with public control exercised by the Port Authority System of the North Adriatic Sea. 

So indirectly celebrating a 100 years, here i leave you with a few shots from the backstage area. Remember to check out often our BLOG or facebook page too as "every little helps" :-) ... and yes, we will tell you when the documentary is out !   


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