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CFS Servizio Aereo, A day above the Dolomiti Bellunesi

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Last year I had the pleasure to fly with the "CFS" (Corpo Forestale dello Stato) which gracefully accepted the proposal of collaborating for the new Documentary authored by Marco Preti and coproduced by us for RAI 3 - Geo on the "Dolomites" of the Province of Belluno. Two helicopters were used for a special day of training near the beautiful city of AURONZO where both the CFS and CNSAS were involved.

The first and larges the AB-412 and the second, smaller but much more fun to be into, the famous NH-500 also known for the widespread use in the also well known and at the same time infamous War in Vietnam. I want to thank first of all all the people that helped us at the Airport in Belluno and especially "Roberto Fantacci" which was also a key player during the shooting of "Soldato Semplice" (2015 - Paolo Cevoli) "Federico Dintignana", a great Pilot and a very Generous and Understanding Friend, and "Bruno Zorzi" which was always there to satisfy our requests for filming,..... and also recovered my I-Pad that flew off the top of my car on the last day of shooting :-) (... yeah ... i do things like that all the time...)

A little history for the "Corpo Forestale Dello Stato" Copters

In 1979, a Decree issued by the then Ministry of Agriculture and Forests instituted on Urbe Airfield in Rome the Aerial Operative Centre of the Forestal Law Enforcement Department, initially equipped with only one Agusta-Bell AB47 G2 helicopter. Since 1979 that first model has been replaced by the first five NH-500D, followed in 1983 by other five D models, and by the next years the Aerial Operative Centre grew up acquiring eighteen AB-412 (in three different versions), three Agusta Westland AW109N, four Sikorsky S-64F and also a fixed wing aircraft Piaggio P-180. Currently this large air fleet is fully operational in fire fighting, civil protection, criminal investigation activities, unlawful dumps mapping, and it also provides a unique air support to ground patrols while monitoring illegal unloading of polluting substances and more in general  its women, men and helicopters take an important part in the protection of the public natural environment. Since its institution the Aerial Operative Centre has been operating during the worst national disasters providing men and equipment for civilians withdrawal and rescue. Furthermore in September 2009 the maintenance sector excellence has been rewarded with the EASA Certification in accordance with part. 145 regulation, which set the Forestal Department helicopters to the highest operational levels all over the Europe.  

The NH-500

The Breda-Nardi (Hughes) NH-500D was designed and built during  late 1960’s to satisfy the U.S. Army’s specific request for a Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) and originally named OH-6A. 

At the end of the ‘70s Italian Forestal Law Enforcement Department choose this helicopter to update his aerial fleet based on Agusta-Bell AB-47 G2 helicopters. The new helicopter was licensed and built by the Breda-Nardi Company, Monteprandone (Ascoli Piceno Province) and received the new code of NH-500D. Extreme manoeuvrability and extraordinary reliability have made the NH-500 on of the World’s most versatile helicopter and these characteristics made it an exceptional machine for fire-fighting and wildlife protection in mountainous and harsh environment, covering at the same time humanitarian tasks for civilian populations when other Aerial Service’s aircraft can’t operate with same efficiency and relatively low costs.

The AB-412

The American Bell started development of the Model 412 in September 1978, coming directly from the Model 212 of which it retains the general shape and dimensions. The 412 is quieter and presents less vibrations of its predecessor and it's more powerful and has more autonomy.  

Starting in 1989 Italian Forestal Law Enforcement Department added to its "arsenal" the first five AB-412 in their basic version followed by 4 AB-412 SP (Special Performance). In General the AB-412 is a multi-purpose Helicopter that allows for a variety of Mission Scenarios and capable of carrying 10 to 12 crew members. For rescue missions it is equipped with a Hydraulic or Electric Winch capable of supporting up to 270KG of weight, moreover it is equipped with enough space to carry 6 stretchers and one medical personnel.  

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