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Giuseppe Agostini, infinite passion at zero Kilometers

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While traveling and discovering lost Flavours I had the great pleasure of meeting Giuseppe Agostini. He is a professional restaurateur, owner of one of the most renowned and appreciated catering companies in the entire Veneto region, which has been operating for more than 20 years. "Good Bepi (il buon Beppe)", as all those who know him  both for a long and short time call him, is a very reserved person. As the typical tradition of the area in which he grew up, he is very attached to his land, to his flavors to his perfumes and his excellent food products. 


Beyond his profession, moved by an innovative spirit that somewhat contrasts with the typical culinary tradition of the province, he discovered himself the creator of a "format" that was then copied by all those who still cannot accept a concept of globalization, especially if it concerns the nutrition and care of food destined for catering. Beppe has been able to conceive, put into practice and divulge quietly the KILOMETER ZERO. It is a concept very much in contrast with the modern techniques of industrialization, distribution and marketing of food, in practice educating and making it clear to the experts that if a product before reaching our tables is forced to travel thousands of kilometers, it is detrimental to both the taste and the environment, without forgetting the sensory satisfaction of the end user.. 


The first impression I had of meeting him was to be able to trust him blindly, since Beppe transpires honesty from all the pores. Moreover, his placid and his thoughtful yet somewhat brisk expression reminded me of a sort of Hellenic philosopher. All associated with a hyperactivity that could make even a bee envious, led me to try to discover the secrets behind the figure of The Man. How did such a composed person, managed to undertake and survive a battle against the entire national and global production system? And to survive it? This is Beppe's secret, not to consider it at all neither a secret nor an exclusive one. For what I have understood in the few hours I spent with him, Giuseppe Agostini is a very intelligent and very dynamic person, consequently his line of thought also fits into a similar context..


Why waste precious time in order to have good quality food coming from who knows where? Much better to use those that the region in which he lives and works abundantly offers him. And we are talking about truly excellent products, whose competitiveness is represented not only by their quality, but also by the immediate and eco-friendly availability that Beppe's plan has been able to conceive. All this happened years ago and the concept has become a total prerogative of the whole world, perhaps obscuring the genius of its creator, who without any false modesty has always claimed not to be in any special way, because for him the Kilometro Zero has always represented only the desire to want to satisfy its customers in the way that for him is only the result of logic and respect that each of us should pay to our planet in relation to every human activity. And what is more human than food?


Just driven by this curiosity, that is the deepening of this primary concept that each of us clearly neglects every time we eat industrial products or fast food or even buy food at the supermarket, I went to interview him in his garden, its exclusive creature from which it draws infinite satisfaction. Both when he sweats while looking after it and smiles, tasting a variety of tomatoes that are part of the 7 different species he grows, or when he selects the best pieces among his forty different species of vegetables. All this not because then it will be able to proudly offer them to the customers of the restaurant that he currently manages in Castelfranco Veneto, located on the roof terrace of the prestigious Albergo Roma, further increasing its reputation as a fine restaurateur and deep connoisseur of the splendid art of creating new recipes. No, he will do it for instinctive professional pride and certainly not just for vile cash.

This is how Giuseppe Agostini is made, simple even in his extreme refinement, genuine and spontaneous like the food he always proposes.

I'll leave you now with a few images, feel free to drop a comment or a mail through www.2picture.me or facebook.com/2picture 

If you'd like to know Giuseppe and have a taste of his delicacies visit the following link :

TERRAZZA ROMA: http://www.terrazzaroma.com/




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