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The last edition of the "Gods of Mel" (2019) at which "2picture Media" could not help but be present both for pure documentary pleasure but in this case also expository and communicative, has been concluded for a few weeks now.

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LIVE "Matti Delle Giuncaie" at Pa.Ma.Li Festival 2016

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At PAMALI last year it was really great to see that not only commercial pop can make a good party ... actually quite the opposite. I wrote a small article in September 2016 for The PAMALI Festival. If you would like to read it and see a gallery of pictures you can find it here: http://www.2picture.me/en/blog-news/pa-ma-li-project-and-the-pamali-festival-2016 

For the ones of you that have never heard of it it is an Art/Music festival taking place at "Passo San Boldo" in Northern Italy, "modelled" on the idea from across the ocean of the super famous "Burning Man" Festival. 

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