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Le Dolomiti BELLUNESI - Second Episode, Cadore and Comelico

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Finally after many people asking around I got a confirmation that the second episode of our Documentary shot in collaboration with Coral Climb and directed by Marco Preti it's going to be aired on Thursday at around half past 5 PM. It will be part of the Famous series of GEO on RAI 3 and it follows the first episode that aired earlier in December 2016 around the area of Agordo. (See my previous blog here if you want to watch it again...)  It's been just over 2 years since the idea crossed my mind. My roots are "lost" 43 years ago in a small village located at about 600mt above sea level called "Carve" in the province of Belluno. Carve is in turn part of a slightly larger borough called MEL.  This is where I have been living after travelling for a while around the Globe (for one reason or another...) and this is the place I wanted to share with the rest of the world... "The Dolomiti Bellunesi"...  well at least the rest of Italy :-D  

3 Episodes, a "mountain" crew and a lot of Passion 

This time around we shot on some of the areas covering the "regions" of "Cadore" and "Comelico" and as usual There are so many people to thank that I will dedicate another article in our BLOG soon after the third and last instalment on Feltre and the Valbelluna will Air. So keep an eye on this space!!  For the Time being we would like to especially thank the Mayor of Auronzo "Daniela Larese Filon" and "Max Packner" who was very kind to give us hospitality in Sappada (Plodn). 

So what out next Thursday on the Afternoon at around 16:30 for the episode of GEO on RAI3 where the second part of our "Dolomiti Bellunesi" will be shown. 

Here I'll leave you with some backstage shots and interesting moments. If you really like it then remember to follow our Blog or Our FaceBook Page here:  https://www.facebook.com/2picture/ and share some love :-D 

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