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SicurLive DROP

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Something new is happening at Sicurlivegroup. Following up on our last week post we can now tell you they just patented a new device that is intended to facilitate operations while remaining safe on a rope. It is called The SicurLive "DROP".  They organize courses on most certifications that are required in a business "working" environment. Indoor or Out. They also have experienced personnel that will operate under the most extreme conditions. Sicurlivegroup.com "The only reference for your safety".

Sicurlive Group 

After the weird guy (sorry Matteo ;-)  was trying to hook a pole forever.. we finally understood what all the fuss was about !  :-D For previous Videos CLICK here and for more info, visit their website on www.sicurlivegroup.com or join their FaceBook page on facebook.com/SicurLiveGroup . Follow our own FaceBook Page for 2Picture Media news and share if you like it ;-) Here is the FULL clip showing what the DROP does... 

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