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IN ROME a D.O.C Night Out

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There is no denying it, since I stopped working in nightclubs covering almost all the existing roles in that area during my twenty-year career, my weekends have become quite boring and somewhat institutional. I certainly don't go to bed early like David "Noodles" Aaronson (De Niro in Once Upon a Time in America), but my opportunities to meet people "outside the box" have gradually diminished.

Old Friends

So, when a great friend and former work colleague "Fabio DOC Morison" invites me personally to his evenings, I absolutely cannot refrain from wanting to attend and enjoy the party simply as a customer, finally free from any constraints of a working nature. These invitations also give me the great pleasure of seeing Eolo again, the historic promoter of the Roman Movida with whom, in the 90s, I shared a lot of work and many passions and who, together with the DOC, has recently produced "parties" to contribute to the launch. of the newly formed Cultural Association T.A.G. or Tevere Art Gallery.

Sic transit gloria mundi

Therefore, having received the SMS from Fabio where he confirmed his willingness to welcome me and my dear London friend, the photographer "Patrick Smith" of 2picture.me to their second and apparently last happening at the Tevere Art Gallery , I took the opportunity to "contextualize myself" as a photographic speaker of what I had no doubts would be a wonderful evening. I must admit that I miss a little not having a working role anymore especially when it comes to special situations like this, but "sic transit gloria mundi", I realized that now the average customer is half my age in the clubs. But not in the evenings organized in tandem by DOC and Aeolus where the "old school" spirit prevails with regard to the present public, even if it is always supported by a fair number of young talent above all thanks to the profession and musical taste proposed and always actualized by these two old foxes.

Vinyl Stories

The musical guest of the evening was the D.J. Pescarese Claudio Di Rocco (ex Titilla del Cocoricò, Folie de Pigalle and Mazoom) had an easy life once he got into the console in making a track already made hot by the wise wit of his hosts vibrate. The opening of the evening had already been entrusted to the ever immense and unreachable DJ Flavio Rago, another historical column of this movement born in the capital in the early 90s and perhaps too reductively and often simplified with the term "Movida". The presence of two "cameras" did nothing but sharpen the curiosity and the desire to appear of many customers who were already pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome given to them by the 2 expert promoters. The versatility of the sound diffused by a good acoustic system did the rest.

Here is a selection of some shots of the evening, which ended canonically at 04.00 after hitting peaks of euphoria in pure Ibizan style. I really enjoyed myself and I don't think I can be considered a heretic saying that after a long time (and a few years of lockdown) I have finally passed a truly "DOC" Saturday.






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