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Turbulent Consciences - 27 Years of Struggle for Justice

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Last week I had the great pleasure of re-meeting Don Luigi Ciotti (founder of the "Abele" and "Libera" groups) together with Don Luigi Tellatin, his great friend and "battlemate" for the past 27 years. A "warrior" duo that in the last two years (a bit like everyone ...) has had to make some sacrifices and in their case that of the annual meeting in Facca (Cittadella) for the Easter vigil where Ciotti usually participates with a homily . A vigil that, as always, tries to propose themes and ideas for thought centered on the horizons of Justice as underlined by Don Tellatin. This year, on the occasion of these 27 years of collaborations, fortunately the long-awaited meeting was able to be repeated and as usual, we later went to the "Taverna degli Artisti" of Betty and Roger in the center of Cittadella to make two chat and celebrate the moment.

"We live in degenerate times"

I must admit that hearing the words of Don Luigi Ciotti gave me a certain strength, I would not like to call it hope ... It is always a comfort to hear a speaker like him who, despite moving in a highly institutionalized environment, always manages to find a visceral connection with reality. A reality made up of "ordinary" people, not the media or as we know them today "mass media". A reality that is identified with the shopkeeper, with the teacher, with the plumber, the gardener and, in the same way, with the intellectual, the writer, the philosopher and the thinker. All united by a common Consciousness that goes beyond theology and religion. In the sacred scriptures from Christianity to Buddhism, the past is dotted with conflicts, physical and ideological, economic wars, geopolitical and religious conflicts, suffering that often finds its source in the insecurity of our ego. "We live in degenerate times" is not a criticism of individuals but a comment on culture and a description of a pervasive condition of suffering that is present among all of us.

Turbulent Consciences

Don Ciotti reminds us that at this moment in the world there are 34 conflicts and that it is never a good practice to focus our attention on just one of them, for any reason. Maintaining a "turbulent" conscience is very important above all as a stimulus to critical thinking and in particular aimed at the younger generations who find themselves living a historical period full of changes, not always easy to cross and understand, for the most minds. fragile and less experienced. A turbulence that in no way wants to be "violent" but certainly strong and of great amplitude, in order to individually evaluate the reality that is proposed to us every day in all its nuances. In the same way, a turbulence that stimulates dialogue and above all stimulates curiosity and creates an exchange of different and even divergent thoughts in order to find concrete solutions that are not dictated by unavoidable and irremovable dogmas, sometimes dictated by mechanisms that are not always clear and "benevolent".

Let it be Peace

That of Ciotti and at the same time of Tellatin is a clear attempt to reiterate the need to remain "on alert" to maintain one's "Humanity" ... the Human Being. A reference to everything that makes us "sentient" from Christian charity to the simple understanding and acceptance of the thousand nuances that make different peoples unique and equally important. A call to arms NOT to arms a call to tolerance, dialogue and "diplomacy", a call to love, to peace. I leave you now with some shots of the evening and a wish to everyone for the Easter just passed and for an awakening of that healthy "turbulence" that should be present in all of us.

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