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Last week I had the great pleasure of re-meeting Don Luigi Ciotti (founder of the "Abele" and "Libera" groups) together with Don Luigi Tellatin, his great friend and "battlemate" for the past 27 years. A "warrior" duo that in the last two years (a bit like everyone ...) has had to make some sacrifices and in their case that of the annual meeting in Facca (Cittadella) for the Easter vigil where Ciotti usually participates with a homily . A vigil that, as always, tries to propose themes and ideas for thought centered on the horizons of Justice as underlined by Don Tellatin. This year, on the occasion of these 27 years of collaborations, fortunately the long-awaited meeting was able to be repeated and as usual, we later went to the "Taverna degli Artisti" of Betty and Roger in the center of Cittadella to make two chat and celebrate the moment.

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