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What can one possibly say after spending a few hours with some amazing artists at the Tipoteca in Cornuda (Treviso) ... nothing but GOOD things. Tipoteca is a Museum, Archive, Library, gallery, auditorium and much more. I would reccommend and encourage everyone to visit to this amazing place. Tipoteca’s archive houses iron hand-presses, cylinder and platen presses, printing and casting equipment. Despite the incredible value of this large collection of machines, their plus is the thousands of typefaces, matrices and punches in the archive. The place inspires scholars and enthusiasts who want to discover type design history by holding it in their hands, or to see their project printed with vintage typefaces..


Last Thursday the energy was armonious and the competence was tangible. Mirko Sernagiotto, Bruno Griparich, Bebo Baldan and Diego Ritz pulled toghether a really delightful evening that went with the name of "PUNKDEMIC TRAP"  of which Tipoteca was the Host.  A synergy of means of expression between Music, Calligraphy and "design", in the form of a Comic. All of thes means translated into a collection of Vinyls that were displayed on the main floor of the museum and that Griparich proceeded to paint with his masterful skills as a Calligraphic Artist. The vinyls are 200 in total and they will be divided between 4 evenings so to give the opportunity to be the owner of one of them to a wider audience. Bruno Griparich is an architect as well as an artist and he is well known for his banners, lacquers and "calligraphies". Punkdemic Trap is a soundtrack graphic novel an upcoming artistic project that started in 2021 when Bebo Baldan has translated into music an unpublished comic of an artist called "SHAKE". A comic that tells the story of the recent virus explosion" through the whole world. The Comic was then revisited by the Diego Ritz with the fusion of the textures of Bruno.

Man Vs. MAchines - A moment in Time

 The whole time I was watching the performance I got a strong feeling of calmness and the human presence against the stark metal of the machines  around. Being a fan for decades of Ron Fricke (the Director of Photography in Koyaanisquatsi), the evening reminded me of a scene right out of Baraka, the director masterpiece produced in 1992.  While the evening progressed accompanied by the music of Bebo Baldan mixed by Diego Ritz, it was evident that the effects of the artistic  performance of Griparich went well beyond the calligraphy and of its "literal" meaning. The ancient art allows the artist to channel through any  material an incredible energy to enrich whatever it is layered on, man, object or nature. At the same time through the use of  gold and silver tones, silk, paper and essences it becomes the pure expression of a moment in time that will last for generations while still  transmitting that sense of peace and well being with which it was created.


I always thought of myself as someone that does not know much about "Art" ... or artistic expression, if anything in "technical terms", but at  the same time I know what Art and artistic expression make me Feel. I guess this is what it is meant for, awake feelings and ideas. It is very  important, during these tumultuous times, to stimulate critical thinking. I noticed it is a recurrent "theme" that should be given maximum  attention if you read my previous articles as well.  Keep an eye on that space and enjoy some shots I took during the fantastic evening !!

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