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Julinko & AZA | a Night @ IMPROVE

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And so Improve became alive once again last Saturday night. JULINKO and AZA where the Star of the evening with an incredibly magical atmosphere made of "Dark Ambient", "Indie Folk", "Dream Doom", "Psych", "ambient drone" and "dark folk". This time Improve wanted to put these two amazing artists together as a sort of Fusion to double down on the "energy release". A sort of Ritual with two deep and hypnotic voices coming from a musical "multiverse". .


This is a musical and artistic project born from the mind of Giulia Parin Zecchin, soloist and guitarist from Treviso. She has released the following record works: Hidden Omens (Stoned to Death, 2015), Sweet Demon (Tiny Speaker, 2016), Ash Ark (Ghost City Collective 2018), Nèktar (Toten Schwan Records, Stoned to Death, 2019), No Destroyer (God Drone, Ghost City Collective, Shattering Discs on the Face).

Since 2015 she has performed in Italy and abroad both as a soloist and with her trio, formed by Carlo Veneziano and Michele Dall'Arche (ex Francesco Cescato). She has collaborated as vocalist with One Dimensional Man, Wows, Tristan Da Cunha, Oswaldovi, Carlo Parin. It is the voice of the new Bosco Sacro quartet, still unreleased.
In 2020 her first collection of poems "Il Cuscino è il Confessore" (The pillow is the confessor) was published by "Eretica Edizioni"..


AZA is a singer-songwriter who has lived several artistic lives: painting, dance, the experience of a singer and musician within different bands. At the same time she carried out her solo musical project: an experiment in the balance between acoustic music, electronic music and ritual dance, a dreamlike journey that leads to another dimension. A post-apocalyptic story about places that cannot be "told", but perhaps only sung. Experimental pop with vocals, loops, guitar, synths and electronic forays..

IMPROVE Wizardry

I must say the whole evening was a surprise and a really good one at that too. I listened to AZA back in 2019 and to me in the last few years she has made a huge leap forward both vocally and technically. Her voice is to say the least mesmerizing and puts you right in the middle of a wormhole that takes you in a split second to another dimension in both space and time.
If you like you can watch a brief interview we did for fun and nearly by accident :-D back then in 2019 by clicking on this link : http://www.2picture.me/en/blog-news/mombao-and-aza-improve-live-night

Further on in the evening, was JULINKO that I never had the pleasure to meet and listen to before. An incredible presence on stage and when you see her you can really feel the depth of her dedication and of her message.

“She is her own gemini
she sings about ghost’s love and skies
she writes with sugar-blood sticky fingers
her art is innonence and dirt.
Don’t you love her?
Don’t you fear her?
Nothing is as it seems”.

You can read an interview in PIGIAMAGAZINE here: https://pigiamazine.com/2021/06/10/julinko-interview/ .... indeed "Poetry is a room where she consciously work on her reaching as a human being" .... you can feel that.

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